Hold my wing!

Today I had a lovely experience. I was heading back to school with Kelsey when we came across a mama duck and her ducklings. They were on the Oregon Capital grounds and wanted to cross the street. We decided to delay our trip back to Willamette to give them a bit of help. We stopped a few cars and helped the mother bring her 10 little ones across, but mama ducky had much further to go, so we decided to follow at a distance. We crossed several more busy streets to help the ducks. For the most part, people were gracious when it came to stopping. At one time, one of the ducklings was struggling to get over the curb. She cried out for her mother and her mother responded and circled back, but the duckling still could not get over like the others. Luckily, we had a blacket with us and I picked the duckling up with the blanket and set her with her mother. The mother was very trusting of me and immediately took the little one under her wing again. After a good 30 or 40 minutes we got to the stream to which the ducks had been going. Mama duck was very pleased to be in the water and done with the long trip. It was a wonderful experience and so much fun. The ducklings were darling!