wanting childhood

Sometimes I find myself wondering why it is that I find myself increasingly becoming more interested in kids things. I like to go into toy stores, love well illustrated picture books, and spend more and more time with children being a mentor. Oh, also watching lots of animated films and doing art that is almost always done with kids in mind! I think a part of this has to do with a desire to escape. Growing up I was so unaware of just how stinky this world can be. I now find myself in a world where I see oppression in all sorts of forms and have a hard time living the sort of life I would like to lead. Childhood is like a good book. I am, of course, talking about a childhood where a kid is free to dream and truly believe and imagine (I all too aware of how terrible being a child in this world can be). A good book can take you all sorts of places and allows for a momentary passage from "reality" to an all new realm of discovery. This can be a relief. However, I fear that my escaping into an imagined place is a dangerous escapement. Am I to shirk being responsible? Can I simply ignore the myriad problems in this world? Um . . . PLEASE! Well, of course I may not do this but that does not mean I need to entirely turn away from that greater freedom of the childlike imagination. It is, after all, that world and those possibilities I want to protect and present. I want to help create a world where the young ones may realize their dreams and the old are never too wise to forget the potential they possess. I want a child honoring world. Now back to a fantastic book full of adventure or the one I am supposed to read about genocide?