Featured Author: Brandon Mull

I consider Brandon Mull to be one of the top authors in young adult fiction today.

He is the author of the Fablehaven series (THE FOURTH BOOK CAME OUT JUST TODAY!), but also will be coming out with a picture book in the Fall.

I think the Fablehaven series is one to rival Harry Potter and in many ways I think the Fablehaven books are better written. Be sure to check them out!

- good at creating suspense and surprising the reader
- wonderful imagery and character development . . . it is possible to get sucked into these books and not escape until you are writing to Brandon Mull asking about when the next comes out
- well thought out with strong plot
- excellent learning tie-ins (these books are great for the classroom)
- I have not been to one of his school visits but I have had friends and family that have and they were simply amazed.
- funny and a bit on the strange side at times

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