Featured Illustrator: Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell is by far one of my favorite illustrators.

He has an amazing imagination and creates copious amounts of incredible artwork. Riddell is perhaps best known for the bestselling Edge Chronicles which he worked on with Paul Steward. Two Kate Greenaway Medals and Nestle Smarties Book Prize are other notable accolades. Children's books are not the only area for which Chris Riddell does artwork. He does editorial cartoons (an inspiration for my interest in this dual children's book illustrator and editorial cartoonist career) for the the Observer and humorous books like Buddhism for Sheep.

The books that he does for kids range from very simplistic picture books to chapter books that readers of many ages will enjoy.

One of my favorite things about Chris Riddell is that he cares about his audience and those that are interested in doing work like his. I sent him a story that I have been working on and told him that his pictures were a big inspiration for the story and he not only wrote back but also did a surprisingly detailed doodle of one of the characters I had invented. Too cool!

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