Summer and SCBWI Oregon Conference

It has been a busy past couple of weeks and I have some good news. I have use of my right thumb again (admittedly a little painful still)! Finals at Willamette are now completely over and I thought that would mean lots and lots and lots of art creating but a few things have got in the way. First of all, I went to my first children's book writing and illustrating conference. It was last weekend and I still find myself trying to digest everything. Meeting new people was by far the best part. I had my portfolio critiqued by Abigail Samoun, Editor, Tricycle Press and Miriam Hees, Publisher at Blooming Tree Press. They had some great pointers but the central point that they both made was one I already knew: KEEP AT IT! I need to keep exploring and developing my style. This continued development was something that illustrator Mark Fearing also stressed. It was great to meet Mark. I have had The Book that Eats People by John Perry (author) Mark Fearing (illustrator) on my amazon.com wishlist for months and can not wait for it to come out. Love Mark's style! I'm amazed that he has not had many more books published yet.

Check out Mark's website: http://www.markfearing.com/

Also, met Carolyn Digby Conahan! She was very kind and supportive. I think I will need to feature her at some point. Be sure to check out her website: http://www.carolyndigbyconahan.com/

Check out Jane Elliot's website while your at it: http://www.janedraws.com/onlythefunstuff/Home.html

Besides the conference, I also got roped into playing Elvis for a play at my former elementary school. Never thought I would play Elvis! While I have been at home in Montana, I have been setting up my studio for the summer. Take a look below!

So, new art desk! I also have my first tablet. It is a Walcom Bamboo and I am eager to play with it this summer. I also have an assistant for the summer that I would like you to meet.

His name is Jack Skellington Walsh and you can be expecting some posts from him. I like to bounce some of my ideas off him and he is also kind enough to keep my books organized.

More to come soon! Happy imagining until next time!