Yikes! and Yahozzle! BROKEN THUMB and GRANT

Ahoy! I both have a huge low to share but also a fantastic high. The unfortunate news . . . I broke (fractured) my right (dominant hand) thumb two weeks ago. It goes without saying that I am just itchin' to get out of this cast and do some artwork. I've been trying some doodles with my left hand and my limited access to my right. The picture above is evidence of the result. But, cast comes off this Friday!

The good news . . . I got a $3,000 grant to write and illustrate a picture book this summer. Awesomeness! Part of the stipulations of getting the grant include doing blog entries several times a week as I explore imagination and what it means to be a "child." Also, now that final exams are over for me I have started to let a flood of ideas wash over me . . . more to come! :)