collages at the library

For the past several weeks I have been volunteering a lot at the local library.

Two days a week I spend prepping books which entails bugging and stamping mostly. Two other days of each week I spend helping out with storytime (my favorite part by far). I had been previously just prepping crafts, taking counts, and being an assistant but this week I get to both read to the older kids (6 to 10 years old) and lead the wonderful craft of making collages. I have never really done all that many collages and certainly had not done an Eric Carle style (style we were doing for the craft at the library) one until a couple days ago. This was my first:

I like the way the clouds turned out and the sea serpent fits for me.

I then got the idea of painting the tissue paper with acrylics and then instead of cutting and pasting by hand, scan the texture onto my computer and cut on photoshop. This is the first one I did that way:

And, this is the latest:

The kids created some fantastic pieces today. There were butterflies, a griffin, ships, a house, monsters, and flowers. The creativity was intoxicating. Reading "Mousical," the book for the day, was also great, but a bit long for the kids. I tried to use my best oral interp skills but a long story is simply long sometimes.