The Blue Bunny Bookstore ROCKS! I know this and I have not even been there. Although, I have been to their website (which I encourage you to peruse as well):
As for how I know the bookstore rocks, first of all, Peter H. Reynolds (certainly one of my favorite author/illustrators and someone I have blogged about in the past) is a part owner along with his twin brother Paul. Now the great thing about Peter owning a bookstore is that he is a creative advocate for creativity. That essentially means that there are ALL SORTS of awesome things for kids and grown-up kids to do at the bookstore (like book signings, their HUTCH magazine, and engaging MAKING STUFF events!) and to get there such as BLANK WHITE BOOKS. I recently ordered some of these books and they are beautiful (and not very expensive). I got the package of them in the mail when I had some friends over and we all had this awe struck look on our faces when we opened the box and saw these picture book sized books with BRILLIANT WHITE SPREADS! Possibilities were being imagined left and right! I have gone on to use one of them for making a dummy book of Speak Honey (the book I was working on this summer):

It helped me a lot as an illustrator and a writer for finding spots that didn't flow or things that should be switched around. Book dummies, as far as I am concerned, are a must for any author and for any illustrator. How else will you know if it really fits!?! As for the other four blank books I still have, oh the places I will go . . .