exciting news! and Tony DiTerlizzi visit

Getting into the rhythm of my final year at Willamette University has kept me from posting for awhile, but now that I am good and adjusted I thought it would be a good idea to share a couple of exciting things.

First of all, on a more personal note, I'm engaged to the lady I love! Our journey together started three years ago and it has been fantastic . . . I look forward to where marriage will take us!

Other exciting stuff includes the "completion" of my Carson Grant. I had received a grant to work on a picture book over the summer (as a couple of my other posts elaborate on) and after lots of hard work I am done (at least with my initial goals). I will, naturally, be continuing to work on the book, but it feels AMAZING to have gone through doing my first 16 spreads (with MANY revisions and redos) of a book.

To add to the sweetness of reaching my book goal and becoming engaged, we add the frosting of a Tony DiTerlizzi (one of my ALL TIME, OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD FAVORITE ILLUSTRATORS) and Holly Black visit. This last weekend the two of them were in Beaverton. My fiancee and I made the hour drive from Salem to see them. There were a lot less people at the event then I had expected. One of the Powell's ladies who was putting together the event blamed this on the sunny weather but I would say it had to do more with poor local publicity. Anyways, smaller crowd meant a better event for those of us who went. Tony and Holly talked a bit about their inspirations for the latest and FINAL Spiderwick book, The Wyrm King.

Tony provided some great doodles to illustrate the dragon components of the book and Holly read a thrilling passage. After taking questions they did book signings. I ended up getting three books signed. Of course, I got the Wyrm King signed by the two of them:

I also had brought two other books to be signed that Tony has done (would have brought more of his, but I was afraid I would be a nuisance ;)) The ones I brought were Ted and Kenny and the Dragon.

Even got a doodle on Kenny and the Dragon! But even better received an encouraging note from Tony to keep on drawing.

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