Mark Fearing school visit

A few weeks back had the awesomely fun Mark Fearing come to Bush Elementary School (I help out at the library there). Mark recently illustrated the picture book called The Book that Eats People (beware!) and is currently working on "Earthling!" . . . a graphic novel that must be fantastic as it contains aliens and is made by Mark. The kids at Bush really enjoyed the visit. Mark did lots of doodles and had fun bits about making stories with pictures. The teachers were raving about how well he interacted with the kids and everyone was simply wowed by his art. Mark does most all of his illustrations digitally. Though, they have a real traditional mixed-media feel. Simply incredible (see below)! I got to have lunch with Mark at the Wild Pear and talk about illustration. Mo Willems came up a lot (really just in awe of how Mo's simple but emotionally evocative style is so perfect for the picture book format) as did David Shannon. We were curious whether No, David! (one of the most popular books at Bush Elementary as is The Book that Eats People) would make near the same splash with different illustrations. I'm looking forward to seeing Mark again soon at the SCBWI Oregon Spring conference.

Check out more about Mark at markfearing.com