Trying to Catch MY Style

I will be headed to Portland tomorrow for an SCBWI Oregon conference and find myself worrying about how my portfolio looks. I've been trying to update a few pieces (such as the knight above that was modeled on an earlier illustration of mine) so as to show better consistency in my style. Yet, I'm not sure I fully know what my style is . . . I keep evolving as an artist and consequently what I create does as well. It is hard for me to believe that it has already been three years since I first took an interest in illustration or art at all for that matter. I'm glad to see how far I have come and sometimes am anxious to jump ahead to where I will go. Though, I suppose the process is something to be embraced. :) Wish me luck this weekend! Kristine Brogno, Design Director of Children’s Publishing, Chronicle Books, will be providing some feedback on my portfolio.