I'm back!

Ahoy! I'm back. I finally have time to blog again. The past few weeks have been . . . WOW! I'm now married to the love of my life (woot!), have moved to Seattle, started a new job, and finished my latest book mock-up. It's been a lot. Both joyful and oh so very stressful as well. I'll be sure to share some photos soon from my wedding, my new studio, and other exciting adventures from the past few weeks soon. In the meantime, here is a couple spreads from my latest project:

I'm thrilled by how it all came together. You will notice that the little monster is the one from the previous post I made a month ago (thank you all so much for your feedback). I decided to go with the two color illustrations for aesthetic reasons and I felt the orange and black were appropriately Halloween-ish. I also really just like the monsters fur when done in the scribbly-ink manner shown. More to come real soon!