Settling in Seattle

I've been adjusting to Seattle life (it can be a bit much for a country boy like me). I'm enjoying my new job at a before and after school program. I get paid to play! Kelsey and I have been busy trying to make the place we are renting feel like home. This includes adding another member to the family. Gigi, a one year old golden doodle, we've been watching for the past few days is now ours. She is still very much a puppy, brimming with curiosity. She has the annoying habit of trying to twist out of her collar on walks, but she is oodles of fun. I never thought I would like a dog that is part poodle but I'm loving this doodle. Another part of making our new place feel like home has been making and hanging artwork to adorn our blank cream walls. The piece below is one I just finished. It is part of a three piece horse series. Got to get going! Laura Numeroff (author of such books as If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Moose a Muffin) is going to be at Elliott Bay Bookstore. Visiting authors has been a huge plus of moving to this area. Just the other week I got to meet Eoin Colfer. He is on tour for his latest Artemis Fowl book. The guy was absolutely hilarious. If he is ever in your area, be sure to go see him.