I Love My Life!

I took a mo or two dozen to reflect about my life this week and love what I discovered. Yes, there are thousands of micro problems that I seem to get bogged down in, but overall my life is great. I get to play all day. I wake up in the morning to a warm shower, have vanilla almond granola and a bagel with cream cheese, go to work where I get to fingerpaint, make mazes, and create all sorts of lego inventions. When I get home I play some more when I take Gigi (doodled below) to the dog park and spend a good portion of my day doodling and making paintings like the one at the beginning of my post.

I also have found the love of my life in Kelsey with whom I take lovely walks with (runs when she insists), watch movies, do arts and crafts, eat, love, live, and learn with. My life is awesome! Now to ripple the health and happiness . . .