Sketchbook Saturday (on a Sunday . . . again)

Yet again I find myself doing my "sketchbook saturday" on a Sunday, but this weekend I actually have excuses. Saturday was super jammed with going to the Pacific Science Center, watching an IMAX movie, going to a trampoline gym (where I ripped my pants . . .  this is now the fourth time I have ripped my pants in a public setting), and ending the day with a Pacific Northwest Ballet performance of Cinderella (a surprise treat Kelsey had arranged for Valentine's Day)

These flowers are collaborations with Ruby at Kids Club. All the pictures in this post come from our second Kids Club sketchbook. I first thought of doing sketchbooks with the kids during the holiday break and it has been a big success. The kids love having a way of looking back at all their past masterpieces and having a type of venue for their work to be admired and enjoyed. If you have kids of your own or work with kids, I recommend starting up a sketchbook with them. Great way to keep some memories!

I love how free and unencumbered Ruby's artwork is . . . I have found doing these sketchbooks with the kids very inspirational. Below is a quick comic I did for one of the kids when she was in the middle of working on her math homework . . .

Like I said in my last "sketchbook saturday" post, I have been trying to incorporate more story into my sketches. I've been doing a lot of little comic style stories like the one below as of late . . .

Thanks for stopping bye!