The 10 BEST Read Aloud Picture Books (Part 1 of 10)

The books I am going to feature over the next several weeks are tried and tested using the latest research in silly-ish-ness-ics, goofology, and endearingphy. In short, they are 100% AWESOME read alouds.

1. THERE ARE CATS IN THIS BOOK by Viviane Schwarz

THERE ARE CATS IN THIS BOOK and THERE ARE NO CATS IN THIS BOOK are two of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. These books are so well crafted, so well conceived, and so endearing that it is borderline ridiculous. The books feature three cats who love pillow fights, exploring the world, and, of course, FISH! Kids love to help the cats out with their adventures through a number of simple interactive features. It is amazing to me to see just how into these books kids can get. For instance, THERE ARE NO CATS IN THIS BOOK has a part where the cats ask the reader to help wish them out of the book. At first, I wasn't sure this was something kids would do, but when I read this book aloud to a group of 30 (ages 5 through 11) every single kid had their eyes tightly shut and were whispering to themselves "I wish!" . . . magical. These books are simply magical. See for yourself: