Feature Friday: 10 BEST READ ALOUDS (continued)

Ahoy! I've been really busy the past month and so I dropped the ball on these Feature Friday posts. So as to catch up a bit, I've got several of my favorite read alouds to share today. :) 

 As a bit of a refresher, I have so far included these three books in my top 10 read alouds: 

 And now for the new additions! 

1. ANYTHING by Mo Willems 

 Mo Willems gets how to make great read alouds better than anyone else. The kids I work with love, love, love the Elephant & Piggie books. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is already a classic. And the Knuffle Bunny series is so endearingly funny. 

 Mo gets how to walk the line between over the top and subtle. Also, he leaves room for the audience to create a part of the experience (for one of the Elephant & Piggie books I sprayed water on the kids whenever Elephant sneezed). Mo consistently breaks the fourth wall effortlessly. All awesome! All funny!


 2. THE BOOK THAT EATS PEOPLE! by John Perry and Mark Fearing

Subversive, funny, breaks the fourth wall, and a bit scary . . . this book has pretty much everything a great read aloud needs. I often get requests for me to read this book. The kids love to test whether or not the book is ACTUALLY the book that eats people.

 3. DIRTY BERTIE by David Roberts

 Delightfully gross! I can see a lot of adults disliking the content of these books, but there is no denying the kid appeal as Bertie farts, picks his nose, and does a bunch of really gross stuff.