Feature Friday: 10 Best Read Alouds (continued)

8. A Pet for Petunia by paul schmid

"A simple, beguiling story. Bravo, Paul!" - Maurice Sendak

The subject matter of wanting a skunk for a pet or wanting a pet in general is not a new one, but Paul Schmid manages to make it his own. The book is original, funny and classic. The use of white space is brilliant (allowing kids' imaginations to take over). The pictures are simply adorable/funny (the naive line quality makes the illustrations very accessible for children). Similar to No, David! we do not see the parents. Instead it seems as if the child reader is in the place of the parent . . . a brilliantly subversive role reversal. I think my favorite part of this story, though, and what really makes it a great read aloud is Schmid's word choices. Petunia's tantrum 2/3rds of the way through the book particularly displays Schmid's ability to have a kid-like voice. 

Really looking forward to Paul's up-coming books . . .

Hugs from Pearl comes out Nov. 22nd and Petunia Goes Wild comes out Jan. 24th