Happy New Year!

Ahoy and happy new year!

2011 was overall a really good year for me. I got my first book contract last spring and then 2 more in the summer and another in the winter. Marietta Zacker became my agent. And Kelsey, gigi and I had some lovely adventures.

We ended 2011 with a trip to Montana. It was really nice to spend time with family, catch up with friends, and the highlight for me . . . hanging out with Lynne Avril who is the illustrator of many great children's books such as the new Amelia Bedelia picture book series.

Turns out that a friend of mine from high school knows Lynne and was kind enough to invite me to an art hangout session with her. We ended up choosing several different topics to draw/paint. For one of them we did a portrait of the person to the left of us. I was to the left of Lynne!

Kelsey was to the left of me.

Such a great way to welcome in a new year.

2012 promises to be a good one. I'm really quite thrilled about my upcoming picture book debut. Vote for Me! by ME comes out April 1st and Jasper John Dooley by Caroline Adderson and illustrated by me comes out March 1st. Expect a lot of posts about these books in the next few months.

As for my new year resolutions, I'm sticking with my usual . . .

1. Take a trip to outer space and meet an alien if possible.

2. Become a certified dragon tamer (it is the year of the dragon so I feel my chances are better this year than in the past).

3. Make up a word that EVERYONE will use by year's end!

4. Make the world's largest pizza.

5. Become spectacularly muscular and handsome.

6. Make a bestselling book.

7. Become the archduke of Neptune.

8. Get all my Holiday cards out in time.