and the winner is (drumroll please) . . .

The votes are in! Or, well, at least I pulled some names out of a hat today. Okay, not even actually out of a hat. I was going to use Uncle Sam's hat but I couldn't find it so I used Darth Vader's helmet. BTW thanks for that Darth! Yes . . . the winners are . . .

1. gigi (not sure how my dog's name was entered as she never makes comments on this blog anyway so . . . disqualified)

The new #1 . . . CATHERINE! Catherine's campaign slogan/comment was 'I want to be the first one out of the hat!' and she was . . . the first out of the helmet after the disqualification of gigi. And what does Catherine win? Her choice between a copy of Vote for Me!, Jasper John Dooley, and a hand-painted coaster. What will it be? 

(I should note that I will do my best to contact winners, but sometimes contact info can be hard to track down, so if you are a winner please consider contacting me at clantoons.ben@gmail.com. Thanks!)

And now for #2!

2. ALLISON and Allison's slogan/comment was 'I will be awesome and not turn to the dark side,' so it is funny to me that her name was picked out of Darth's helmet. Prize? Same options as #1!

3. Abraham Lincoln . . . another disqualification. I thought he was dead. Bitten by a vampire perhaps and now on team Edward?

The new #3 . . . CELESTE! who had this great slogan/comment: 'A vote for me is a vote for a four-day work week, universal healthcare, sunshine, super-double-chocolate-fudge-cookies, gold sparkly shoes, root beer flavored drinking fountains, x-ray vision, the ability to fly, and...and...a whole bunch of other good stuff!' I'll vote for you Celeste! Ditto to #2 when it comes to the prize.

And last but not least #4 . . . RIATA 'the ARTSIST' whose slogan/comment was 'vote for the little guy . . . he won't squash you.' Donkey would like me to remind you all that an elephant is not a little guy and very well could squash you, so take Riata's advice. Elephant would like me to tell you all that Donkey is being redonkulous . . . as usual. 

Thank you to all those who entered! Congrats to the winners! Cheers!

- Ben, Donkey, Elephant, and the little guy