Feature Friday: Marlena Vallis, Tor Freeman, and Kate Hindley

I spend far too much time looking at other people's blogs. Sometimes I feel jealous when seeing just how talented people are, but most of the time I find them inspiring. If I was to feature all the great blogs I follow then this post would become far too long, so for today I would like to share three that I have been particularly inspired by lately.

Marlena Vallis is only 15 years old and creating wonderiffic work. She plans on going into animation, but I have my fingers crossed that she will delve into children's books too. One of the things I find really inspiring about her is how much she is creating. She has something new to share practically every day and isn't afraid to try things.

Tor Freeman is a name that anyone who loves children's books should know or will know soon. Tor has a number of books out, but the two that came out this year Olive and the Big Secret and Babies Don't Bite are particularly amazing.

I've definitely got an art crush on Kate Hindley's work. If you are ever one to browse cards at cute stores, then you've probably seen her work. And now she has a children's book coming out this summer! The Great Snortle Hunt will very likely become one of my favorite books.

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