dinner doodles

Often when Kelsey (my wife) and I have friends and family over we tape a large sheet of butcher paper to the dinner table and jars with oodles of crayons. I love seeing what everyone creates, but unfortunately I sometimes kinda take over.

Yes, that is a narwhal with wings and a bow tie. And that jellyfish is wearing a crown.

I like this one. I think he belongs in the Weasley family. These next ones are by Kelsey.

I really like the drawings of kids Kelsey has been doing lately. I think Kelsey was just experimenting with arm and hand styles but you'll notice the boy saying 'hi ben' has an extra arm. I wish I had an extra arm!

For some reason I really enjoy doodling guys with earrings and interesting hair. I might be a bit jealous. I could never pull the look off.

Hooray for party hats! And for dinner doodles!