Ahoy! Just want to let you know . . . MAX HAS A FISH by the super-funny Wiley Blevins and illustrated by ME! (I changed my name to 'ME!') comes out tomorrow!

This was an incredibly fun book to work on. The story is wonderfully simple (this post probably has as many words in it as the book does) and silly. 

Max loves his pet fish--it can swim, eat, and even blow bubbles. But Max is disappointed to learn that his fish can't dance. Whatever will Max do? Find out by getting this fun and fast-paced Level 1 story! $3.99 (yes, just $3.99 for this much awesomeness)

Below are a couple of my favorite illos from the book. More to come!

I'm planning on posting some process sketches and other stuff about the book soon.

Cheers! - Ben