Finally have finished moving into our new home in North Andover, MA! This has been an exhausting and time consuming move. I suppose that is to be expected with a cross country move, but I didn't really realize just all that is involved. Didn't help that I had book deadlines!

Our new place is in an old steel mill next to a pond. I'm digging all the exposed brick and old wood beams. And having a pond out the window with geese, beavers (my favorite to watch), ducks, turtles, herons, and lots and lots of frogs (there are little ones smaller than pennies that are incredibly cute) is pretty nice. A bit distracting, though. I've been wondering how wise it is to have my desks facing the windows.

We're a bit further out from Boston than we might like, but we are pretty close to where Kelsey (my wife) will be teaching 2nd grade in Lawrence. I think gigi approves! She is a bit miffed that she isn't aloud to swim in the pond, though. Especially when there are goslings to chase!