I find Thanksgiving to be an absolutely fascinating holiday. I suppose most holidays are, but I find Thanksgiving to be particularly so. Something about the combination of controversy (celebration of a genocide?), family (almost always . . . at least in my experience . . . a mixed bag of hugs and arguments), food/feasting, being thankful, football, and turkey stuff. I think one of my favorite parts has to be all the turkey stuff. Not the eating of turkeys (I'm vegetarian), but all the decorations, hand turkeys, and that sort of thing. Turkeys alone I find to be a fascinating creature. I suppose that is why several years ago I came up with a story about one. I'm afraid it will never see publication (too much in common with a certain book about a pigeon and a bus), but I still like it so I figured I'd share it (the rough mock-up I had made for the story) here. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Below are some of the deleted scenes.