Presenting the cover for my next picture book IT CAME IN THE MAIL! This one has long been in the works. Five years? Full of pickles, pigs, and friendship . . . I think this is my best one so far. Here is a peek at a couple interior pieces . . .

I've always been obsessed with getting mail. As a kid checking the mail was the one chore I'd volunteer to do. Even now (despite the fact that I usually only get bills and junk) checking the mail is one of the high points of the day for me. Sundays are always a bit of a disappointment.

Might have gotten in trouble with Kelsey for burning papers at two in the morning but I think the result is pretty neat. Can't say I've every received a dragon in the mail. I'd like to! Please send one to me!


The Whatsits

Since I'm so great at regularly posting on my own blog . . . I've gone and started another with my kidlit pals The Whatsits. ;) Check it out HERE! I can guarantee there will be regular posts about picture books and all things good there. As for this blogsite, I'm thinking it is about time I got Sketchbook Saturdays going again . . .



Feels great to be back in Seattle and the PNW!

Already have a couple events lined up . . .

Something Extraordinary STORY TIME at GREEN BEAN BOOKS
JULY 28 @ 11 AM

Hard to believe but this will be my very first signing in Portland, OR!

SEPT. 17 @ 11 AM


Would love to see you there!!

The trip across the country was awesome! It was my sixth time across and this was the best trek so far. In large part this had to do with a lovely stop in Reno, NV to visit my sister and her husband. They own Sierra Water Gardens and The Wedge Ceramics Studio. Such a great spot!

While in Reno I had a signing at Sundance Books and Music. Awesome bookstore! One of the best I've ever been to!

Also went to the Redwoods for the first time. Completely blew my mind. I thought I had seen old growth forests before. This is one of the smaller trees . . .

And of course any road trip involving some dinosaurs is a good thing.

Working on a book featuring a bunch of dinos! More on that soon!


Something Extraordinary

Today is the book birthday of my latest (fifth!) picture book, Something Extraordinary. To celebrate I'm giving away three signed copies of the book on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Clantoons. Taking entries until 12 EST tonight. Also out today is an interview with Writers' Rumpus (via my critique group pal Kirsti Call) (http://writersrumpus.com/2015/06/16/interview-with-ben-clanton-gifted-author-and-illustrator/) in which I talk about Something Extraordinary amongst other things.

If you happen to be in the Andover, MA area or in Reno, NV, I have two upcoming signings! 

Andover Bookstore (America's second oldest operating bookstore)
Saturday, June 20 @ 1:00 PM
I'll be giving away an original piece of art with each book sold! This event is a bit of a farewell to the region. I've lived in North Andover for two years, but am now moving back to Seattle.

Sundance Bookstore in Reno, NV
Sunday, June 28 @11:00 AM
This will be my first trip to Reno! I'll be visiting my sister and her husband who own Sierra Water Gardens and the WEDGE Ceramics Studio. Forgive me if I look a bit tired at this event. I'll have driven six days in a row to get there. ;)

A bit about the book (this is the blurb Simon & Schuster came up with) . . .

Amazing things are happening all around you. You just need to know where to look—and this whimsical picture book is the perfect place to start.

Have you ever wished for something extraordinary? Like the ability to fly? Or to breathe underwater? What if you could talk to animals?

It’s fun to wish for amazing things. But take a look around, and you just might find that the most “ordinary” things…can be extraordinary.

The idea for the book came to me a few years ago on a rainy day in Seattle. A picture of a boy taking in colorful and tasty rain came in to my mind and I wanted an excuse to draw it. Soon all sorts of things I wish for were bubbling to the surface in a series of images. With the help of some extraordinary events in my life those images came together to make this book. Hope you like it!!



Finally some warm weather in NE MA! I think today might be a good day for a coast trip.