For the 2023-2024 school year I'm teaming up with Andy Chou Musser for Seattle area school visits!

We have a couple options . . .

3 presentations for $1800 (K-1st 30 minutes, 2nd-3rd 40 to 45 minutes, and 4th-5th 45 to 50 minutes) 

2 presentations for $1,400

For the K-1st presentation we'll share about our new book PLOOF that we co-wrote and co-illustrated. With help from the students we'll show, using some drawing games, how we come up with characters and how we collaborate as a team to make something new. We'll also explore emotions and how we empathize with our characters when creating them. We have a feeling this is going to be dOODLES of fun!

For the older grades we're doing a "Sea Creature Double Feature" in which Andy will share his new book (co-created with his sister Amy Seto Forrester), SEARCH FOR A GIANT SQUID, a fun, informative and interactive start to a new series. Students will dive in with Andy making choices about possible paths in a search for the elusive squid. Then we're going to get Narwhal and Jelly in the mix! I'll share about Narwhal and Jelly as Andy, the students, and me work together to create a new adventure for the duo. 

Supplies and stuff . . . a projector for the presentations would be much appreciated! Also two easels/stands with large paper if possible. We can bring our own easels and paper if needed though! 

If there are many students, microphones would also be helpful.

To find out more about Andy visit

To contact us about a school visit please email clantoons.books at gmail with the subject line "School visit."

Non-local visits - I'm already committed to a few in the Fall. For the Spring I'm only planning on doing a couple trips. I wish I could do more as I love getting to talk with students and visit communities! But I have little kids at home so I try not to be gone long. For out-of-state trips my rate is $3,000 a day plus lodging and travel expenses.